The Adventures Of Yaya

The gift of culture, history and language

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The Adventures Of Yaya 

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A Gift of Vision

The Adventures of Yaya is an investment in a child’s cognitive development, inclusion of diverse beliefs and identity recognition so they can leverage education and learning. A gift of vision to not only bring awareness but shape our narrative as Haitian Americans


A Gift of Tradition

The first of the 12 book series focused on Yaya and her family’s Sunday tradition, Soup Joumou at Nana Pola’s backyard. The adventures doesn’t stop there, actually, that’s where it begins and you are sure to go on an endless journey with Yaya.


The Stories Continue

This is the first of a 12 book series, The Adventures of Yaya. With every series, Yaya is set to take us on an expedition unlike anything we’ve ever experienced before.


The Adventure of YAYA

Yaya is the friend or sister we all wished we had and with every adventure, we are left wanting more.